Chairmans's Message

key points for Roger to draft his message

- I acquired a  significant stake in the company and reconstituted the board in 2016

- I converted to common equity in 2018

- I do not receive $1 in any type of executive or other type of compensation. My interest is 100% aligned with ALL equity owners. I only make money or derive value when ALL shareholders make money or derive value.

- Our board made significant management changes and re-branded the company to Paleo Resources, Inc. in Q1 2019

- Our team is focused on growing organically and creating shareholder value through the drill bit. Our goal is to build durable value and meaningful relationships over a long-term horizon.

-If my message resonates with your investment strategy, we would be honored for you to join our equity constituency as we embark on our journey to become the most successful oil & gas producer of our time.