Our Focus  

Best In-Class Operator

Paleo Resources, Inc. adds value as an operator developed from the past experiences of our team of professionals. We add value such as:

  • Reputation among landowners and industry as a quality operator

  • Realistic and well planned cost estimates and AFEs, based on recent activity, and traditionally lower than peers

  • Long term working relationships with service suppliers and field personnel that provide the best chance to control cost escalation

  • Knowledge of the various operational problems that can surface while drilling and completing in over-pressured or other difficult zones, and as importantly, knowledge of potential solutions to those problems

  • Focused effort, when successful, to expeditiously bring production to market

  • Efficient and effective operations evidenced by historically low finding and lifting cost

Low Cost Reserve Growth through the Drill Bit with Superior Risk Adjusted Returns

With our operational focus, Paleo Resources, Inc. is willing to participate third-party generated high quality prospects where we can operate.  We will respond quickly when presented an opportunity. At Paleo Resources, Inc. we like prospects that are:

  • Ready to drill conventional and unconventional prospects

  • 3-D seismic supported

  • In areas with a good history of production

  • Supported by solid technical information

Reserve Growth through Acquisitions with Drilling Upside

Paleo Resources, Inc. is able to capitalize on acquisition opportunities. Paleo will act quickly when presented with an opportunity. At Paleo, we like acquisitions that:

  • We can operate

  • Have additional drilling upside that can add significantly to the value of the opportunity

  • Have a reservoir history and 3-D seismic data as a basis for reserve estimates

  • Have enough upside to remain profitable despite significant commodity price fluctuations